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Very sad news from the family of beautiful Tinker-Belle

*** My darling Tinker- Belle found her way home to Hangleton on Thursday 2nd June 🐱 she came flying through the cap flap and announced herself at 3am, it was like the scene I could only decribe from the film Homewood Bound. She was so happy and relieved to be home. I’ll never forget that moment 😻4 miles she travelled back to us in 10 days what a clever cat. ❤️ Tinks was very dehydrated and thin but she lapped up some water and some food and she snuggled up purring next to me till we both woke up in the morning. On closer inspection of her in the morning her tail was down and very heavy and swollen , it had some bad lacerations on it. I took her to the vets where she was looked after. Unfortunately on an X -ray it showed her tail had been pulled away completely from her pelvis, and there was severe nerve damage caused. She had no sensation at all. 😿 My poor baby girl has crossed over the rain row bridge🌈 the kids and I Are still trying to process it. She was only 1 year old and the sweetest cat you could ever meet. How she made her way home from shoreham to Hangleton I will never know, but she passed away peacefully in my arms with lots of love. Thank you all for your kind support in trying to find Tinker Belle ❤️
RIP my beautiful girl 😿😘

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