Reunited cats

The cats listed on this page show those that we understand to have now been safely reunited with their owners.

Some will have come home by themselves and some will have been helped by our website.

These may include cats from the 'Found Cats' page - where an owner has been identified by a cat that was previously considered, by a member of the public, to have potentially been stray, as well as cats who had been listed by their owner on our 'Lost Cats' page and have since been located or returned home of their own accord.

Whatever the circumstance, the volunteers at Lost Cats Brighton wish them all a very hearty welcome home.


If your cat has been approved to be displayed on this page and it isn’t showing, your website browser is showing an old page version. Please refresh your browser to see the new page.

Twiglet & Munch

Date cat reunited

Thursday, 18th February 2021

Reunited message

We are relieved to hear that both of these gorgeous girls are now safely home. Phew! 😻 😻
"I can't thank you enough for your support!! You are amazing. Thank you for all you do! Two happy, healthy cats, back, fed and now fast asleep! Thank you everyone!"

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