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This new website was launched in January 2021.

Some of you will be aware that Lost Cats Brighton began life as a register for lost and found cats in the city. The shelter, and subsequent rehoming of stray and unwanted cats grew organically in response to the growth of the list and the number of cats that were in need of a safe space to live – either before being reunited with their owners, or where there were none, or they couldn’t be traced, then the eventual identification of a suitable new permanent home for them. Whilst we haven’t had the shelter on Valley Road for three years now, we have continued the rescue & rehoming work through a wonderful network of dedicated foster carers – who look after our cats either on a short-term basis, or in the case of some of our very elderly cats or those with chronic health conditions on long-term basis for the remainder of their lives.

With the rise in popularity of social media and the increasing connectedness between our community  of cat-lovers, we have been able to really grow the visibility of our Lost & Found register and year on year we are increasing our ability to help reunite lost cats with their owners. Currently our Facebook page has more than 8,500 likes – not bad for a small team of highly -dedicated volunteers who put their detective skills to work in trying to trace possible sightings with news of missing cats!

Of course not everyone uses Facebook and it has always been important to us to share the same information on our website too ( About 18 months ago we realised that it was probably time for us to make use of some of the new website technology to provide us with a more up-to-date site that could offer additional support for people and would help us to share more information regarding those cats that are either lost, found or have subsequently been reunited with their owners.

Working with Ady Griffiths from Create Web Design we are delighted to have launched this brand new site at the start of 2021. Most significantly, members of the public are now able to register their lost cat (or a cat they have found that they think may be lost) with us by completing an online form. The site also has map functions to help share vital information about the local area in which a cat has been lost or sighted.

We are thrilled that you are here visiting our new site and welcome your thoughts on it.

The lost & found register is so integral to our work and we very much hope that what we have achieved is a user-friendly platform for everyone to engage with so that we can do more of what we love best…

…helping cats and owners find their way back together.


Big thanks to Ady & his colleague Nerjus for all their help and patience in building the site for us.

New website

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