Have you lost your cat?

Losing a cat is incredibly upsetting but please don't panic as very often cats are found close to home. First, please be sure to follow the advice below to give yourself the best chance of being reunited with your cat. The most important thing is to act swiftly and to make as many people aware as you can that your cat is missing.

Microchips required by law soon

It is so important to have your cat microchipped. And very soon this will be required by law. Owners have until 10th June 2024 to microchip their cats and ensure their contact details are stored and kept up to date in a pet microchipping database. For kittens this must be done before 20 weeks of age.

For those whose cats are already microchipped, please keep your contact details up-to-date, especially if you move house or change your telephone number.

Search your home thoroughly

If you still can't find your cat

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Register your missing cat with Lost Cats Brighton

If you have followed these steps and you have had no luck in finding your cat then feel free to register them as a 'Lost Cat' by clicking on the button below.

Once approved by one of our Lost Cats Brighton volunteers team your post will be added to our website and to our Lost Cats Brighton Facebook page (see button below) which currently has +8k followers and is growing rapidly. 

Please make sure to update us via the contact page so we know if you have been reunited with your cat. 
Good luck with your search.

Local Vets / Local Council

Local cat shelters

National pet registers and cat related websites

National Pet Register

Nationwide registration site

Cat Chat

Nationwide forum for cat-lovers

Purrs In Our Hearts

Helpful cat-oriented site


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