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Date last seen

Thursday, 15th July 2021

Location last seen

Whitehawk Road
Brighton BN2 5NF

Bootsie has been missing since Thursday from The Broadway off Whitehawk Road, backing onto Reading Road. He has a red collar with 2 bells on. He is very friendly and is quite small. He is only 2. Family are distraught. He is not yet microchipped as the pandemic put a delay on everything. Owners were planning on doing this next week and now he hasn't come home which is not like him at all. They are worried sick. Any news on his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. Praying he is found safe and well. xx




2 years


Lives inside with regular access to outside

Fur colour

Black & White

Other colour or breed information


Fur length


Is there any other information that is helpful to know?

Red collar with 2 bells. White patch on nose chest and white boots on paws

Please help us to reunite this cat by checking bushes, gardens, sheds, garages, basements, outdoor storage areas etc. If you see this cat please call us on 01273 422721 or email: info@lostcatsbrighton.org.uk

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