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Tabby, Hoddern Avenue

Date cat found

Monday, 5th December 2022

Location found

Hoddern Avenue
Peacehaven BN10 7QY

We have been contacted by a caring lady about this friendly tabby, who has been visiting her parents in Hoddern Avenue / Phyllis Avenue area for quite some time. Her parents used to have their own cat, and this cat used to hang around with theirs, however their cat has now passed on and this cat still visits, spending increasing amounts of time with them. The reason they are concerned is that in the last couple of weeks they have noticed the cat has developed an eye condition and because they visit so much, they are unsure if their owners are aware of it or if it is being treated. We understand the cat has been checked for a microchip, none found. Posters and more local enquiries will be made and the cat is being cared for while we try to locate their home, before we get them some medical care.

If you recognise this lovely puss, or know who might be missing them, please get in touch, on 01273 422721 or with any information you can provide. Some proof of ownership will be requested. Thank you.



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He does have an ulcerated eye

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