We have heard from sweet Mittins heartbroken family, that very sadly their lovely girl has been found passed away, believed hit by a vehicle. We are so terribly sorry for their loss. She will be greatly missed. RIP Mittins. xXx


Pickle has been found but had sadly passed away. Our thoughts & prayers are with his owner at this sad time. RIP beautiful boy. x x x


We are very sorry to hear that sweet Lulu has been found, sadly passed away. Our thoughts are with her heartbroken family. Sleep well little one. xXx


We are sorry to hear that lovely Tickles has been found passed away in the garden. Our thoughts and condolences are with her family at this very sad time. xXx


We have received the tragic news from beautiful Kiki’s family, that their much loved girl has been found by neighbours, after a road accident. The caring neighbours took Kiki to the vets, unfortunately she didn’t make it. Her family are devastated but want to thank everyone for sharing, messaging and helping to look for their … Read more


Bambi’s family received a call from vets on Saturday evening, to say their missing boy was very sadly found passed away, in a neighbours garden on Friday. All our thoughts are with them. Sleep well sweetheart. xXx


We are so sorry to report that gorgeous Rocket has been found but passed away. Sending his family our heartfelt condolences at this sad time . Rest in Peace, little one. xXx


We are incredibly sad to say, that beautiful Monty has been found, passed away. We are grateful to the caring vicar, who found him and returned him to his heartbroken family, so that they could say their goodbyes. Sleep deeply sweet boy. xXx


We are sorry to report that beautiful Monty has been found deceased today, not far from home. Many thanks to caring members of the public who noticed and got an alert out, which led to his family locating their boy. Sweet dreams dear Monty. xXx


We have received the tragic news from sweet Felix’s family, that their much loved boy has very sadly been found deceased a few streets away from home, and taken to local vets, after what looks like a road accident. All our thoughts are with his family at this saddest of times. “We really miss him, … Read more