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Fri, 03 Aug 2018

Update on my post from June 2016.

Denise, my wife, passed away in 7th July 2018 - like Ron, her ca...Read More


Fri, 08 Jul 2016

I came to LostCats, looking for a youngish male that wouldn't make the brother of a cat we'd just lost feel threatened or bullied

<...Read More

Welcome to LostCatsBrighton
Lost Cats Brighton was founded by Ron Ayres in 2000 and has reunited and rehomed hundreds of cats and kittens over the years. We help abandoned, unwanted, mistreated, injured and homeless cats and kittens with the ultimate aim of finding new homes wherever possible. We operate a Lost and Found register for cats in Brighton and the surrounding areas, and reunite cats via this website and our Facebook page.

Lost Cats Brighton is run entirely by a hardworking team of volunteers.

Our cats are fostered short-term in private homes prior to finding them a permanent home and long-term if they are elderly with health issues.  

Rehoming of cats is on a limited basis due to the Covid 19 lockdown.  If you are interested in adopting a cat please email your details including your full name, address and contact number to
For advice with cats at this time please visit our News section 'Cats During Covid 19 Crisis'

When sending in your lost cats details please make sure you send the photo in jpeg format 
Also you must give the name of your cat in the Subject field of the email so we ensure we are not missing or duplicating a cat’s details.  
Don’t forget to supply your contact phone number in the email.

We keep a 'lost' cat’s details on our website for 12 months, if after this time we have not heard back from you, you will need to re-send your cats details as they may be deleted. 

Email details to


tom tom

Without Tom Tom and Ron this rescue would never have taken off, so we all owe him and Ron a very big thanks and hold them dearly in our hearts and so for this reason we share this eternal flame in loving memory of their lives.


Over 20 years ago, Ron's friends lost their cat and back then he offered to go out each day and night with them to call and search for him but sadly he was not found. However, whilst on their search in the the local cemetery Ron spotted Tom Tom in a tree and and rescued him. Ron gave Tom Tom a wonderful life for twelve years so from one little cat being saved, Ron's life changed forever and he started up Lost Cats Brighton reuniting lost and found cats with their families and rescuing and rehoming those who needed new homes.

Sadly Ron passed away in January 2017. Lost cats Brighton passionately continues Ron's work and legacy.

Ron Ayres 21.04.1938 - 08.01. 2017

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